I’m a very active tinkerer. I’m always up to something, and usually neck-deep in two or three different projects. Here’s some of the more recent ones that I’ve done.

Automated Hydroponics

Timeframe: July, 2010 to Present

I’ve been working on setting up a fully automated hydroponic system to grow some tomatoes I bought in Crestone, Colorado on a whim. The system is far from complete, but I’ve been putting in some significant time and effort into getting it to take care of itself.

Robot Arm

Timeframe: August 2010 to Present

Last year I worked on engineering and manufacturing a 6 degree of freedom robot arm. It’s built entirely from scratch except for the electronics, and those weren’t exactly pre-assembled either. I’ve spent nearly 50 hours machining parts, about 20 hours designing them, and I’m currently on hold in the final stages of construction…

Rendering Engine

Timeframe: October 2010 to Present


Renderer Screenshot

It can even do transparency!


I’ve written a simple rendering engine, programmed from scratch in Java, as a holdover from my computer graphics class in October 2010. It’s not very feature-rich at the moment, but it’s stable and quick enough; it’s able to import .STL files and can competently render the full Stanford Bunny. The source code can be found here: