Hey all, this is my first post on the new blog! I guess I’ll do the generic first blog post, and talk a little about what I’m going to use this for…

First off, I’m a fan of having lots of projects. At any given time, I’ll have between 3 and 5 full-time projects going on; things that I work on every day. I’ll also have a massive amount of ideas flowing out of my skull, with no time (or money) to put towards them. But what’s the point of doing a project if you can’t share it with other people? (The fun, duh!) I’m hoping to use this blog as a means of keeping track of my projects and their progress.

Otherwise, I’ll also use this for my ideas and thoughts; ramblings on various aspects of technology and school, life and relationships, philosophy and mentality. Hopefully it’ll be interesting to other people as well.

With that, I declare this blog open!


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